flood insurance

What if you are caught without flood insurance, and your home floods? Where do you find the answers you need? There are people who can help. And, there ARE answers.

There is a path to financial well-being after flood damage.

There is a full spectrum of options that an experienced real estate broker can explore with you. Walking away is not the best decision. Find out how to choose the best solution. Talk with a caring, supportive expert about the financial scenarios available to you; learn what a short sale would look like in your situation.

A long-respected resource for KBT Realty Group and our clients – Wilde Law Firm – has exclusively concentrated its law practice on facilitating and negotiating short sales throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. For over eight years, they have helped homeowners avoid financial disaster. 

If a short sale is your best way to be free of your debt and become a homeowner again, KBT Realty Group will work with you through the process of listing your home as a short sale, getting it sold to your best possible advantage, and helping get you into a new home, with the legal expertise of Wilde Law Firm.

The real estate professionals at KBT Realty Group can start navigating your way through short sale solutions to avoid financial disaster. 

Relax. Short Sales are All Wilde Law Firm Does.

Why should you call KBT Realty Group?

If you’re feeling pressured or just want to consider all options, don’t wait. A call today will start the conversation early. We will help you get organized for whichever way you want to go. Working hand-in-hand with Wilde Law Firm, we will answer all your questions about the choices available to you so you can make the best decision for your personal financial situation.

How do the attorneys and real estate agents get paid?

Wilde Law Firm does not have an up-front fee. Their attorneys don’t receive a fee unless the transaction closes. KBT Realty broker fees are worked into the sale price of your home.

Additionally, Wilde Law Firm is very successful in having the lender pay attorneys’ fees – most of the time by requesting legal fees and closing costs from the lender.

KBT Realty Group works with Wilde Law Firm to make short sales easy!

You can also send a direct email to Kirk Pugh, [email protected], or call Kirk at 910-622-3478.


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