When someone learns you are a real estate agent, the questions about selling their home always come up. From “Is it a good time to sell?” to “How do I get the best price for my home?” we have ready answers.

Here are some more pointers and perspective from the KBT Realty Group team:

Becky Brown, Broker/Realtor – KBT Co-owner:

• Talk with a listing agent before you spend any money on cosmetic changes or renovations to your home. A Real Estate Agent can help you spend wisely so that you get the best return on your dollars, and make the upgrades buyers are really looking for.

Teri Moylan, Broker/Realtor:

• People want to know if it’s a good time to sell. The honest answer is, if it’s time for YOU to sell, then it’s a good time. You just need to talk to a true professional who can educate you on the market we are in so that you are prepared to sell at the time that’s right for you!

• Have a conversation with your real estate agent on how you typically negotiate and realize that not everyone negotiates the same as you. Some people start “in the attic” expecting the person on the other side to start “in the basement” and meet somewhere in the middle. Other people simply go in with their best offer the first time around. Knowing how to handle negotiations is one of the top ways a real estate broker proves their value. Let your agent guide you on the market and what to expect during negotiations so that you’re poised to accept the best offer that may come along.

• When markets shift, people often get wrong advice. Having gone through the last major market shift, I worked with many sellers who were in the hands of an agent who steered them wrong and they ended up making bad decisions. So don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if what you are hearing is all “doom and gloom.” 


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