You’ve heard the terms “Buyer’s Market” and “Seller’s Market” if you are thinking about selling your home. Understanding exactly tips […]
When someone learns you are a real estate agent, the questions about selling their home always come up. From “Is […]
how to find a real estate agent
Buying or selling your home, the first step is to find a real estate agent who can guide you in […]
hiring a sellers agent
If you are considering selling your home, one of the first actions you need to take is engaging a real […]
Introduction Welcome to Lockbox, a podcast providing real estate professionals with action items for success. My name is Jeffrey Brogger, […]
safe online real estate transactions
While many aspects of real estate transactions were managed online pre-pandemic, there was a notable shift to more digital transactions […]
home for inspection
More times than not, there are issues with what sellers “feel” are legitimate requests resulting from the buyers’ home inspection. […]
kitchen island
Home Improvements You Can Do Now that Fall is here, it is a perfect time to go beyond routine cleaning […]
land for sale
Kirk Pugh and Becky Brown offer advice, pointers, and tips for sellers listing undeveloped land for sale
house on beach
contributed by Jen Reed You’ve been considering it for a while and you’ve decided now is the time to sell […]

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